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Betty Roe - List of Works

Betty Roe: Musicals, Show Songs, Entertainments Page 1 of 2

A Cat's Tale - an Entertainment Thames Publishing

Upper Voices, Piano THA978265

A Cat's Tale Marian Lines

A Crown of Briar Roses - an Entertainment Thames Publishing

Soloists, Upper Voices, Treble instrument, Piano THA978038

A Crown of Briar Roses Marian Lines

A Quire of Elements - Thames Publishing

Unison Voices, Piano THA978042

A Quire of Elements Marian Lines

Astron - musical extravaganza Thames Publishing

Soloists, Unison Voices, Instruments, Piano

Astron Marian Lines

Belinda and the Baron - musical play based on Pope's "Rape of the Lock" Thames Publishing


Belinda and the Baron Madeleine Bingham

Crowds - musical play Thames Publishing


Crowds Marian Lines

Destination London - a mini-musical Thames Publishing

Soloists, Mixed choir, Piano THA978276

Destination London

Kookoojoo and the Magic Forest - musical play Thames Publishing


Kookoojoo and the Magic Forest Marian Lines

Kookoojoo and the Trees (from "Kookoojoo and the Magic Forest") Marian Lines

Lee Street - musical Thames Publishing


Lee Street Marian Lines

Mistress of Charlecote Park - musical BR

Mistress of Charlecote Park Marian Lines

Pardon Our Rubbish - Play with songs and music Thames Publishing


Pardon Our Rubbish Marian Lines

The Banky Field - musical play Thames Publishing


The Banky Field John Oliver

The Barnstormers - musical play Thames Publishing


The Barnstormers Marian Lines

21 November 2002 Betty Roe - List of Works 2002 Page 1 of 2

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